East Coast Garage Licenceplate 1.01

a licence plate that a local garage gave you as a gift for letting them repair your car

  1. ThomasPlaysOfficial
    Crashed your car? no worries! Take it to East Coast Garage and watch as they badly fix your car, then scam you out of thousands of dollars, and permanently glue on a licence plate that advertises their company!


    This is my first (exluding my failed covet superspeed) mod and it took a while because i, at first, had no idea what to do with the files. I'm now releasing this mod to the public.

    It should work for all stock vehicles (tested only on the ETK 800 and the Pessima) and might work for modded vehicles aswell

    how the plate looks like

    How it looks on a vehicle:

    How to install and activate :

    download the mod like normal and put it in the mod folder

    open up beamng, and when on a map press esc select the parts selector, and find Licenceplate Design. Find East Coast Garage licenceplate and click it and you should have it on your vehicle!

Recent Reviews

  1. SwagMaster11
    Version: 1.01
    Haha nice mod
    1. ThomasPlaysOfficial
      Author's Response
      thanks :D
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