Beta East Coast Rapid Response 1.0

Just like the previous one, but in East Coast USA!

  1. arnok19


    For a better experience, you must download the Fiction Police Livery Pack mod. Click on the link below.
    OuDacai's Fiction Police Livery Pack

    Welcome to the spiritual sequel of the Utah Rapid Response!

    A time-constraint scenario mod set in the location of East Coast USA; this time offers you total 06 scenarios to complete. Prepare yourself once again to race against time. Reach to the location as quick as possible and beat the target times to achieve a gold medal.
    Also as said earlier, there are no silly penalties like in the original game. Just avoid driving reckless and reach to the goal in one piece.

    There are 04 target times (Master, Distinction, Merit and Passed) you need to beat in each scenario. Take a look at the pic below.


    east_coast_rr1_preview.png east_coast_rr2_preview.png east_coast_rr3_preview.png east_coast_rr4_preview.png east_coast_rr5_preview.png east_coast_rr6_preview.png screenshot_2021-01-07_19-32-14.png

    Watch @davidinark play East Coast Rapid(ish) Response.

    Try out Utah Rapid Response (Prequel) mod link, if you haven't already:

    If you have any queries, bugs or happen to set a best time record. Let me know in the discussion thread.

    [NOTE: This scenario is marked "Beta" just in case in future, a major update probably can mess up few settings of the scenario. So, please be kind and use the discussion thread for reporting bugs.]

    @OuDacai - for allowing me to use his Fiction Police Livery Pack mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. \m/ Rich \m/
    \m/ Rich \m/
    Version: 1.0
    awesome pack :)
    did a time of 1:28.198 on ECRR 1 :) after 20+ failed runs (not even reaching the end xD) I managed to pull of a semi-clean run and set a good time for it :P hehehe. *thumbsup*
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      thanks a lot :)
  2. Gamergull
    Version: 1.0
    Excellent scenarios! I like the story and effort put into each one. Now I still need to beat a few best times...
    1. arnok19
      Author's Response
      Thanks man :)
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