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Beta East Coast USA improved 0.8

East coast usa with a racing spot and some otherstuff

  1. 0.8 update

    2 lakes
    1 pond
    new port
    redesigned raceway
    dirt track
    and some other miscellaneous things
    and random spawn points there are less than ten but it will randomly choose where you spawn, it will be at a point of interest. screenshot_00727.png screenshot_00728.png screenshot_00729.png screenshot_00730.png screenshot_00731.png screenshot_00732.png screenshot_00733.png screenshot_00726.png
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  2. a church plus fancy buildings

    the title plus a few general bugfixes
    new pictures on mod's home page
  3. air port and race track revisions

    -added a dirt runway (I plan to get some of the buildings from jri)
    -improved track and nearby roads
    -removed vegetation from around spawning point
  4. fix

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