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Outdated Electric Pessima! 9.1

The 96-00 Pessima has now been converted to electric! :)

  1. AdamB
    I noticed that BeamNG.drive does not have many electric cars. So, I figured that I should take matters into my own hands and make one myself.

    So, this mod adds electric motors and new configurations for the newer Ibishu Pessima.

    These cars have 2 driving modes: Eco and Power.

    Eco mode is activated by using "Arcade Automatic" mode. If you let off the throttle, the motor shuts off and the transmission shifts to neutral. When you press on the throttle, the transmission shifts into gear and the motor starts back up.

    Power mode is activated by using "Manual" or "Manual w/ clutch assist". Using this mode, you will have more power and torque to get up a hill faster or take off better.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. :) :D

    Thanks everyone for 3500 downloads! It really means a lot to me :)

    Special thanks to:
    @SushiPro for helping me with the 3d modeling
    @SuperChargedBurrito for helping me make the gauges
    @synsol for testing/reviewing the many, many updates for this car ;)


    1. pessimas.png
    2. allelectrics.png
    3. meme.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. engine fixes
  2. ludicrous variant!
  3. brakes and lettering

Recent Reviews

  1. SkipperPlay
    Version: 9.1
    U. P. D. A. T. E.
  2. Youngtimer
    Version: 9.1
    Very realistic mod! Please update it to work in latest version.
  3. Aleferna_dls
    Version: 9.0
    Great mod! The car works correctly (Pretty similar to real electric cars), and the little details show the effort put in, Congratulations :D
  4. CamJKerman
    Version: 8.2
    This is brilliant, there are very few EV mods here on this forum and it reminds me how our 07 Toyota Prius feels: punchy but with no guts and it cannot corner with any gusto, the perfect economy car.
  5. JetPoweredMacintoshâ„¢
    Version: 8.2
    NOO PRIUS OF THE 90S but good mod.
  6. Magyareinstein02
    Version: 8.2
    You like the electric cars?
    Version: 8.1
    Great mod and it fits the car :)
  8. CP100
    Version: 8.1
    It's good to see that my idea of the guages are there! Anyways I like how this car drives and overall you did a good job on making the car electric. For some reason I have never driven the Gas Pessima since I downloaded this car lol.
    1. AdamB
      Author's Response
      I also used your gauges idea on my electric sunburst. I think it makes both vehicles beter
  9. bob.blunderton
    Version: 8.1
    Great, especially if you've got a set of forks you can put on the front, and need to move some pallets. Won't deplete the simulated Ozone layer or make any simulated greenhouse gasses in my simulation of reality in this simulation. Now, good thing I built a simulated Kingston fossil power plant in my Tennessee map, so now I have a place to plug it in :)
    I just have to hold my breath every time I go past the power plant while it produces power from fossil fuels to recharge everyone's electric Pessimas, now. Love the irony of electric cars, still a great mod as this vehicle resembles my daily driver IRL, a Toymotor Crammy (03 Corolla).
  10. cookies and milk
    cookies and milk
    Version: 8.1
    awesome and helps the ozone layer ;)
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