Outdated Electric Pessima! 9.1

The 96-00 Pessima has now been converted to electric! :)

  1. engine fixes

    Changed the friction, inertia, and rev limit setting on all motors ;)
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  2. ludicrous variant!

    Version 9.0 :D

    Fixed a bug on the AWD models where breaking the front wheel axles resulted in also breaking the rear wheel axles.

    Added new Ludicrous variant :D:D WARNING!: Fast :rolleyes:

    Fixed incorrect motor variables.

    Added new Halogen headlights. Now you can drive with full beam's on and blind everyone who is driving the other way! ;) equipped on the deluxe, sport, and ludicrous models.

    Enjoy! :)


    1. screenshot_00012.jpg
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  3. brakes and lettering

    Version 8.2

    Added an "electric" logo to the trunk of the car.

    added brake thermals support

    Fixed power meter gauge inside the car not working properly
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  4. general bugfixes and new gauges

    Version 8.1 :p

    Added new "electric" gauges

    removed right door mirror from stripped down version

    changed engine of basic AWS for better drivability

    changed default photo to sport model

    removed trunk lettering, because you can't have a "V6" electric car :rolleyes:


    1. gauges.png
  5. major changes

    Version 8.0

    Increased power of stage 1 motor
    added basic motor
    added new "stripped down" configuration. It just gets you from point A to point B :rolleyes:
    reworked whole differential system.
    Changed "Basic" model to have a CVT and AWD
    Removed ESC and TCS from "Offroad" model.
    Changed "Luxury" model to have a CVT and AWD
    New Configuration pictures :D
    new low capacity battery
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  6. aws and new model

    Version 7.1 :cool:

    "improved" the 3d model

    Added All wheel steering (request from madmax9816)

    Added basic model w/ all wheel steering

    Increased node weight of batteries for realism ;)
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  7. couplers and cvt

    Version 7.0 :cool:

    Fixed couplers not working. Now, you can tow a trailer with your electric car.

    Added an experimental CVT to the Deluxe, sport, and race versions with working Eco mode. ;)
    Now, the car can accelerate faster, and have a higher top speed.

  8. more bugfixes

    Version 6.2

    Fix of the 3d model.

    Fix of the differentials of the Sport Config.

    Changed the drivetrain of the Luxury config.

    change of the differential on the Drag Config.

    Cleaned up the engine code.
  9. small fix

    Version 6.1 (bugfixes)

    Added a (really crappy) UV map to the electric motor (I'm still learning how to do it o.0)

    also added a welded rear differential.

    decreased rpm capability of stage 1 and stage 2 engines to be more realistic. ;)
  10. Modernized

    Version 6.0 :D ;)

    Replaced "Basic Rwd" with "Deluxe"
    "Deluxe" has a Stage 2 motor and all wheel drive

    Modernized the car by adding Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control to all the models except Race, Drag, and Offroad, The car now handles a lot better and breaks traction less when using Power Mode.

    Also replaced the default configuration image ;)
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