Outdated Electric Pessima! 9.1

The 96-00 Pessima has now been converted to electric! :)

  1. new Drag config

    Version 5.0 :)

    Added Drag stage 4 motor and 4 speed transmission.

    Added new "Drag" configuration.

    Added new "Extra capacity" battery pack.

    Cleaned up the engine code by removing the options of the Radiator and Exhaust.
  2. New 3d model

    Version 4.0 ;)

    Redid the 3d model to greatly improve FPS and stability on lower end computers.

    Seperated the battery and transmission from the electric motor.

    (that means that the battery and transmission can be removed separately using the parts menu)

    New variant: Off road

    Off road version has a stage 3 motor, standard transmission, and a lifted suspension and rally wheels for good off road performance.

    Also changed the transmission and differential in the "Luxury" version.
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  3. motor/batteries fix

    version 3.2 Bugfix:

    Fixed electric motor and batteries moving around when car is turned.
  4. New drivetrains/configurations

    Version 3.1:

    Added WIP Rear wheel drive and differential system. Now the car can be RWD or 4WD.

    Changed the Sport and Race models to be 4WD.

    New Configuration: Basic RWD

    Removed "engbaycrap" from body JBeam.

    Changed gear shifter for the transmissions.

    Renamed the original Basic to Basic FWD.
  5. Redesigned

    Major update to this mod. ;D


    Removed remains of gas engine and added an electric motor and batteries to the 3d model. (Thanks SushiPro for the model of the electric motor)

    Made the car into a separate vehicle.

    Redid all of the engines to make them rev higher and have more power.

    Added a custom "electric motor" sound.

    More to come soon! :)
  6. Electric Pessima!

    New update :D
    That means new stuff! :)

    Added Luxury model and Racing model

    Added Stage 3 racing electric motor and appropriate race transmission.

    The Luxury model is equipped with race coilovers that have been tuned to provide a gentle and comfortable ride. Also equipped with a Stage 1 Electric motor and sport transmission. Top speed is about 100 MPH (160 KM/H)

    The Racing Model has race coilovers that have been tuned for stiffness and other race requirements. Equipped with new Stage 3...
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  7. Electric Pessima!

    Minor bug-fix with JBeam file names.
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