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Outdated Electric SBR4 - Made for 0.8 and Powertrain 0.81

Hirochi SBR4 Electric engined prototype

  1. Added garage thumbnails

    Added garage thumbnails


    1. screenshot_01373.png
  2. Powertrain Reborn update

    This update it's a rebuild of this mod :

    Added :

    - Powertain simuated electric engine , with mesh and jbeam
    - Simulated battery with mesh and jbeam
    - Gauges and Rear bumper a bit modified but still Wip
    9e0e4eb711307f01852a0fd61e5dc35f.png df7f54723045d710f7a8351409674f24.png
  3. New skins , batterie , better handling

    Update 0.5:
    New skins , batterie , better handling

    I try do make a quick video overview, i am not very good at this sorry !
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  4. Update v0.4


    Update v0.4

    It's a big update , heavy tweaks and new engine , tires , preset and it's include my first skins attempt, they are not the best but i wanna share this with you :)

    - The weight of the batteries now have a better distribution (300kg 50kWh batterie pack at the front and 300kg 50kWh batterie pack attached to the engine) 51-49 weight distribution
    - new Synsol Sport Tires (SST) for the 3 size of wheels and also experimental proto tires
    - Adjusted...
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  5. Update v0.3

    Update v0.3

    - Some tweak to the transmission and engine for better realism
    - Version P500 added , more casual (500hp / 625Nm)
    - Version P800S is now 800hp / 1000Nm
    - Adjusted weight distribution , gearbox and some stuffs :)

    electric_p500.png electric_p800s.png
  6. minor tweaks

    Version 0.2

    -minors tweaks
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