Alpha Electric Van 0.1

Adds electric motors to the Gavril H-Series

  1. AkaShaadow
    NOTE: I also uploaded an EV Conversion Pack, which includes this mod and also the Gavril D-Series & Roamer, Wentward DT40L, Autobello Picolina, ETK I-Series and Hirochi Sunburst. It is available under this link:

    First of all: Thanks a lot for considering this mod. This is the first mod, that I've published, so please don't expect it to be amazing, there are some issues, but it works fine in most cases.

    This mod adds electric motors to the Gavril H-Series (the Van).

    It is still using the normal transmissions and drivetrain.

    At the time, there are 3 electric motors.

    The "eco" one has the same torque as the front electric motor from the vivace.

    The normal one outputs about 750 Nm or 550 lb-ft and 500 bhp.

    And the "power" one, which outputs about 1600 Nm or 1175 lb-ft and 2150 bhp.

    There are also 2 new transmissions.

    One is the standard 6-Speed automatic, which now has the "M" mode, for manual gear selection.

    The other one is a 2-Speed automatic.

    But you can use any transmission you like and use the new transmissions with different engines.

    In addition, there's a new torque converter, which locks up at a much lower rpm and can hold a lot more torque than the ones already in the game. This is only recommended to use with the electric motors, since most other engines will probably stall.

    The stock speed limiter is at 160 kp/h or 100 mp/h but there is an option for a speed limiter delete, which allows the H-Series to go 350+ kp/h if you use the "power" motor, right transmission, and a road, that's long enough.

    There are 2 batterie packs.

    A 100 kWh one for the normal frame and a 250 kWh for the Upfit frame.

    Plans for the future:

    - Add the same upgrades to other Gavril cars (d-series, roamer) and maybe the Ibishu Hopper

    Known issues:

    - If the gear ratio is too low (for example 15:1), the rpm is not smooth but jumpy and towards the rev limiter the rpm can get stuck, which can break parts of the car. Shifting into neutral can help with this but using higher gear ratios (8:1 works fine) is the only true solution to that I've found.

    - Braking takes longer when in gear, this gets worse, the higher the motor rpm is. This is probably due to the inertia of the entire drive train an especially the transmission, motor, and torque converter. This is solved, by shifting in to neutral (or pressing the clutch, if you are using a manual transmission).

    - Also, the power takes a few seconds to fully go away , after a wheelspin for example. This for the same reason, as the braking problems.

    Thanks for reading this, if you have any questions or ideas, on how to improve the mod, I'll be glad to answer those.

    Special thanks to the team behind the great game of


Recent Reviews

  1. YFM7777
    Version: 0.1
    Doesn't work at all in the D-series or Sunburst and has a lot of problems in the H-series.
    1. AkaShaadow
      Author's Response
  2. Clemens1441
    Version: 0.1
    1. AkaShaadow
  3. Blue Bird Gaming
    Blue Bird Gaming
    Version: 0.1
    Reminds me of those experimental EV builds by GM and Ford in the 90s, and also the electric Chevy Express vans used by Coca-Cola in some areas
    1. AkaShaadow
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you enjoy it
  4. EN07Z
    Version: 0.1
    nice, would be great to see an electric D series aswell
    1. AkaShaadow
      Author's Response
      sure, i already took a look at it today and it seems to be pretty much the same, the only issue is, that the d-series has a lot more frames, which means i have to create more battery packs...
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