Alpha Electric Vehicle Conversion Pack 0.6

Adds electric motors to different cars in

  1. Pigeon & Wigeon

    This Update adds the Pigeon and Wigeon
  2. Hopper and custom Torque Curve

    This update adds the Ibishu Hopper and an option to make a custom torque curve.
  3. Soliad Wendover

    This update adds the Soliad Wendover. There is a new rear Driveshaft and new front Halfshafts.
  4. Autobello Picolina & ETK I-Series

    This update adds the Autobello Picolina and the ETK I-Series. For the Picolina, there is a new automatic transmission and for the I-Series, there is a new front driveshaft, because the stock one keept breaking.
  5. Bus added & Sound update (Roamer also available)

    This update adds the Wentward DT40L and also includes a more realistic sound level. I made all motors louder but the eco is quieter than the normal one and the power one is even a bit louder. Also I found out, that the Gavril Roamer is using the same engine slot, as the D-Series, so it was already added.
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