Beta Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) Training 1.2

EVOC training allows you to improve your driving skills as well as to put them to the test!

  1. angelo234
    To start off, thank you guys for the awesome reviews on my first mod, so I decided to create this mod!

    Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) Training includes two courses at the moment (will be adding more in the future) which are a precision driving course and a high-speed driving course. You can drive these courses in any vehicle of your choosing (default vehicle is a Gavril Grand Marshal). The precision EVOC includes parallel parking, reversing through cones, 3 point turns, and more! The high-speed EVOC includes slaloms, reverse slaloms, high-speed cornering, high-speed lane changes, and more! Each course is around 3 to 4 minutes long (depending on your driving skills!), so have fun!

    evoc_highspeed_course_roamer.png evoc_precision_course_roamer.png 20201026201632_1.jpg 20201026211107_1.jpg 20201026222159_1.jpg

    My sources of inspiration came from these EVOC videos.

Recent Reviews

  1. Le0B_B
    Version: 1.2
    1. angelo234
  2. metscher91
    Version: 1.11
  3. Pungpig2
    Version: 1.11
    I love it
  4. [DOJ]2010 Ford CVPI
    [DOJ]2010 Ford CVPI
    Version: 1.11
    Helps Me Drive Better
  5. WarDaddyUSA
    Version: 1.02
    Love it.
  6. Vibestation 5
    Vibestation 5
    Version: 1.01
    I Like the idea, even though it seems to not work without giving it a proper path like BeamNG mods, it overwrites ETK Driving track if i do it.
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      Sorry about that, I just fixed the zip file structure and uploaded it so please wait for the new version to be released soon.
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