EMG S560 2020 3.1

A road variant of a track beast

  1. jbeam editing

    Hi everyone!

    This is a big update this time, here come all the changes that have been done on the car:
    • New custom parts: race tires, manual 6-speed RWD transmission, automatic 7-speed RWD transmission, manual 6-speed AWD transmission, DCT 7-speed AWD transmission, automatic 7-speed AWD transmission
    • Creation of 8 configurations:
      • S560-2 M: manual, RWD
      • S560-2 A: automatic, RWD
      • S560-2 DCT: DCT, RWD
      • S560-2 M trackday: S560-2 M equipped with race tires
      • S560-4 M: manual, AWD
      • S560-4 A: automatic, AWD
      • S560-4 DCT: DCT, AWD
      • S560-4 DCT trackday: S560-4 DCT equipped with race tires
    • Suppression of the alternative ‘’keyboard/gamepad friendly’’ variant because of the new AWD transmission
    • Engine rework: edition of the inertia and friction coef to fit the value of the Civetta Bolide V8
    A lot of other things will come soon!
    I hope you are going to like it :)
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