EMT Madrid Buses 2.0

Adds three (2 legacy and 1 current) bus versions of Madrid's EMT fleet.

  1. The Big Overhaul

    screenshot_2020-04-22_21-03-47.png screenshot_2020-04-23_01-24-56.png screenshot_2020-04-23_02-37-43.png
    • Redone mod mechanics, no longer works needing a mod slot.
    • Added accurate old style seats to the red 1990's version, and vivid blue to the other two.
    • Added a custom front roof panel with differences between all three versions.
    • Added a custom style to the inboard display panels, with accurate colors and logos for both blue versions.
    • Removed the inboard display panels in the red version.
    • Translated all gauges (with decals) and interior texts (except the ones in the dash itself) for all versions.
    • Fixed missing ad carriers on the 2018 current version.
    • Fixed issue with the fullly lit exterior display panels displaying no texts.


    1. screenshot_2020-04-22_21-00-05.png
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