Outdated Eris Coucal 1.5

The 2nd fastest drag car in beamng drive

  1. major bug fixes

    Mr. Twiglesworth
    Made the SpeirsDrag do wheelies again, added flip up headlights (alpha) fixed taillight issues, spoiler spawns default on the bird
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  2. A small update for minor complaints

    Mr. Twiglesworth
    Corrected spelling errors. Modified i6 horsepower for greater adjustment range.
    Spelled Speirs correctly this time. Adjusted license plate position.

    I can spell I promise
  3. Another bug fix

    Mr. Twiglesworth
    Fixed the glitches with the 70 body and superbird body.
  4. Cold fix for some well known bugs

    Mr. Twiglesworth
    I fixed the config error and modified the spiersdrag volume
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