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Outdated eSBR Enduro Parts 5.0

Making the eSBR tougher!

  1. Smirkyguy
    My first mod YAY!

    This is a collection of parts designed to be used on the eSBR series, to increase its durability in various things, but mostly for ZealousPlum's Endurodrome map. Configs are included!


    Added parts include:
    Reinforced Unibody - Suspension mounts and braces have been stiffened to meet roll cage standards.
    120 kWh Solid State Battery - Based on the Rimac C_Two, this is the most powerful battery I could find stuffed into a factory spec car.
    Locked Front and Rear Differentials - For use on the electric motors only.
    Off-Road Coilovers - Bumps up the ride height and are softer than the stock coilovers.
    Off-Road Suspension - Tougher than the stock suspension.
    Orange Interior - Bright orange interior, still a WIP.
    Welded Bumpers - Since when was bumpers falling off a good thing?

    Battery and Coilovers are tunable!

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Recent Reviews

  1. ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet
    Version: 3.0
    It's truly a blast, and great fun to do rallycross in it. The soft suspension really makes it all come together.
    1. Smirkyguy
      Author's Response
      Thank you! any suggestions for improvement would be great to hear!
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