Beta ETK 1300 11.6

Modern SUV based on the ETK800.

  1. OverPower
    The long awaited SUV is here!


    It has came to my attention that i have mistakenly changed the file name, hence why the updates dont apply. Remove the mod named and keep the one in there for now. Sorry for any inconviniences.

    *Now with highly anticipated UV support!
    Police skins and variations + a custom lightbar.

    Me, Bernd and Synsol are very happy to announce that we finally can release this public beta for all of you. Featuring a heavily modified Jbeam based on the etk800, along with an air suspension, a whole new look from previous generations and lots of testing to ensure that many of the bugs are ironed out. Of course, since this is a beta, there is a possibility for bugs to be present.
    This project has a very interesting history, as Bernd was the one who started it all. I was given the model after some time and started to do my work on it model wise and decided to revamp the look completely. Months and months went, if not years and it still wasnt anywhere ready to see the light of day. Then Synsol tuned in and worked his magic which sparked that need for getting it done, it doesnt help being picky about details. So here we are, after a very long time of nothingness its finally ready to be enjoyed.


    It includes many of the variants that you would normally see on the etk800, plus a little more.

    Custom parts + misc
    Air suspension
    Different rear fascias
    Custom interior
    Adapted rims

    But there is more to come, as this is just the beginning.

    Please enjoy!

    unknown1.png unknown2.png

    Credits go to Bernd for the original idea and original model itself, Me for the bigger part of the work and design/modeling and Synsol for the great Jbeam cleanup + folder structure fixes, this would have never been done without you guys. And of course, the great community helping bringing in their opinions. if i have missed anyone, please write to me and ill add you in here.


    1. screenshot_2019-09-07_01-39-28.png

Recent Updates

  1. Hotfix #2
  2. 11.5 Hotfix
  3. 2022 major update

Recent Reviews

  1. Maluk
    Version: 11
    Great mod, but two things bother me. Firstly, the car always shifts at 5000 revs, whether it's full throttle or not. And the diesel model has no speedometer.
  2. Rallu
    Version: 11
    Awesome mod
  3. Solo gaming
    Solo gaming
    Version: 11
    Only modern SUV, 1 MILLION downloads, great mod
  4. Gcfire1900
    Version: 11
    Amazing mod!!!!
  5. mrpotsilog12
    Version: 11
    Thanks for making this mod, making the game more enjoyable than it already is.
  6. telmog
    Version: 11
    me encata falta version electrica
  7. Bot_imppa
    Version: 11
    cool but where animated manual
  8. Omrie
    Version: 11
    Awesome mod.
  9. Ahuizotl
    Version: 10
    Love the detail. Realistic headlight beam pattern, license plate lights, etc
  10. WhiningTurtle
    Version: 10
    Thanks for repairing this mod. Have been subscribed for ages and happy to see that there's still updates happening. This is definitely one of those must-have mods.
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