Beta ETK 1300 10

Modern SUV based on the ETK800.

  1. Giga-Mega update 10.0

    Hello, im back again. :)

    This time, with a brand spanking new update that essentially is a full rework of the entire car. The body, suspension and engine configs have all been tweaked on so it's more a question of, what isn't touched? Lots of stuff added for what i think will improve the realism of the car, and there's still lots to come! Also: IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH THE MOD NOT SHOWING UP IN THE GAME, MAKE SURE TO REMOVE THE OLD...
  2. Police and skins update! #5.1 (HOTFIX)

    Simply a small update to fix the texture issues and to clarify the configs, also fixed the breakgroups on the rear strobes on the trunk.

    The lightbar that utilizes the sound and light scripts is the "custom" lightbar. Hence, the EU and the vanilla US lightbar do not. Might get working in the future but this is a start.
  3. Police and skins update! #5

    Hello once again, im glad to present this big update. Has taken a while but im sure it has everything that has been missing for a while plus an extra that im not going to tell what it is... you have to find it yourself... :)


    *Skins! Finally... got the UV done by daddy Inertia so all credits to him. A template is also available in the files. Added a new Polizei skin that i made myself since the original one looked very boring....
  4. Bugfixes and stuff #4

    After some time of schlacking and not doing anything productive, i chose to fix some stuff.

    Retuned suspension front and rear, cleaned up configs and parts. Updated and added all of the new functions that have been added ingame. Fixed flares and adjusted side mirrors+reflection. Exhaust sounds tweaked.

    Enjoy, i might have missed some points, but who cares. :)
  5. Bugfixes and further improvements

    This is the latest update which contains all the bug fixes that were still needed to be fixed such as light pattern not working with sport headlights, brakes overheating when standing still, shifter animations and speedo scaling. These have all been resolved in this fix.

    I have also added an exhaust and cleaned up the configs some more. i hope you enjoy this mod even more and please look forward to some more content. :)
  6. Bugfixes and stuff #3

    Hello, first update for this new year including some flare fixes and added parts. Also new trunk design thats better than the old one. New headlight flare textures by Expired, still waiting for his word but im including this anyway. There are more things that i cannot remember also :)
  7. Hotfix for 2.0

    Removed All-terrain parts for now.

    Hopefully fixes missing bumper error.
  8. General Update = further bugfixing and added content

    Version 2.0
    Further bugfixes regarding suspension. Should now deform better and hold up better. Fixed antenna colour to suit which roof model you choose.

    Added content: Mk1 Base model headlights and painted panels

    There is a possibility that i've forgot something, but this is generally it. ​
  9. General fixes

    Fixed UV errors with the crome trim.

    Further improvements on the suspension, should be less buggy now.

    Removed old configs that were not used. Also changed out some parts that some configs used, to make better baselines.

    Mesh fixes here and there, moved tailhitch so it now lines up as it should.
  10. Bugfixes #2

    Fixed front suspension exploding, tire coming loose. Fixed taillights, name of configs.
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