Beta ETK 6000 & 4000 Series 1.0

Who knew ETK makes large trucks?

  1. Beta Update

    New and improved 3 axle suspension.
    Better acceleration and handling.
    Better crashing and deformation.
    New light systems.
    Many bug fixes.
  2. Big Update

    Huge update brings more variants, lots of fixes, and lots of changes.
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  3. Skins Update

    Added skin system and 6 skins
    New race bed parts (4 & 6 wheel versions)
    Road springs added
    Off road springs softened
    Tire pressure reduced for off road tires
    Custom turbo 6200 (Gavril T300 turbo)

    Issue with 6100 Camper suspension
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  4. DDS Conversion

    Full DDS texture conversion and improved loading time.
    General physics improvements.
    Some graphical improvements.
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