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ETK 800 *Sedan-Fastback-Coupe-Cabrio* 2.3

Coupe, Fastback, Sedan, Convertible - all you need!

  1. With the help of a few friends...

    Fix for update
    All credit goes to @Bekwennn:) , @jerrie and @SlickNick924 ,thank you! :)
    If you want to drop a like or say thanks to those awesome folks, you can do so in the discussion thread.
    I'm just uploading thier fixes to the repo to make the updating process easier.

    Have fun!
  2. Honk!

    Fix for 0.14:
    • gauges screen is working again
    • the horns work now
  3. Take a seat ;)

    • fixed missing seats problem
    • updated parts of body jbeam
    • edited rear of the sedan: it's now smoother and better looking
    The two-door versions and l - variant still need some mesh work but I thought I wouldn't hold back the others further :oops:
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  4. Fix and downforce

    • fixed scalota ttsport rear bumper bending
    • fixed scalotasport front bumper bending
    • added rooflip to scalotasport version to make it a bit more special ;)
  5. Hotfixing the hotfix

    • Fixed some coupe tailgates still having problems
    • Fixed ttsport licenseplates on normal wheelbase versions (including stock wagon)
    • Fixed suspension geomety on Coupe (forgot to copy the code snippet into its file :rolleyes:)
  6. Screenified

    Hotfix for 0.9.x including:
    • new screen setup (thanks to @FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL for mentioning the code in the discussion, didn't had to search myself :D)
    • changed suspension mounts for new front suspension setup (thanks to @Firepower for letting me now what has to be changed)
    • dirty hotfix for stress in coupe and convertible tailgates/trunks (removed some coltirs, might result in clipping of those parts in crashes)
  7. cho cho, power-train!


    • made compatible with 0.8 update
    • it's now possible to use taillights from other mods for the swb versions
    • added animated drivehaft to swb versions (it doesn't spin perfectly)

    Big thanks to synsol for helping me with the powertrain stuff! :)
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  8. Chopped tha roof of! Removed unnecessary doors! Added style!

    Finally :)
    • Added Coupe unibody
    • Added Convertible unibody
    • Added Fastback (Scalota) unibody
    • ...and all of the configs! (GIGANTIC thank goues go to @Neidjel and @NinetyNine! for doing all this hard work, a lot more than I asked for!)
    • ...
  9. MODERATION : removed some little bugs

    MODERATION : removed some little bugs
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  10. Exhausted?

    • fixed the l-variant's exhaust
    • replaced the stupid 12-speed auto with a 9-speed DTC made by my mechanic @titleguy1 ;)
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