Alpha ETK 800 Sedan 2.5

With tuning parts for sedan and wagon

  1. Milendur
    Disclaimer: there is an issue that some people can't see the 2 configurations provided with the mod. You can select any ETK 800 and switch in parts select menu from "Wagon unibody" to "Sedan unibody" and from there you can put whatever parts you like manually.


    • sedan small lip and CSL style spoiler
    • sedan panoramic glass roof (soon)
    • back bumper splitters
    • dark roof for wagon and sedan
    • custom wagon tailgate spoiler
    • custom sideskirts - (you need to change body to Wagon Unibody with Parts or Sedan Unibody to be able to see this option)
    • vented hood
    • facelift rear bumper
    • facelift rear diffuser
    • small addon to rear diffuser
    • 2 custom front bumpers
    • custom side mirrors

    All tuning parts have body color and carbon fiber versions.
    1.png 2.png screenshot_2021-09-13_00-28-43.png
    screenshot_2021-09-13_00-22-34.png screenshot_2021-09-13_00-29-16.png screenshot_2021-09-13_00-29-44.png
    Known issues:
    Side mirrors need rework
    Custom xcSport front bumper needs rework

    This mod isn't compatible with other sedan mods! If your car looks like this that means files are conflicting with other mod that changes ETK 800 parts

    screenshot_2021-09-17_19-14-18.png screenshot_2021-09-17_19-14-35.png

    I'm trying to provide frequent updates and improve the mod constantly.

    Big thanks to @Bekwennn:) for helping with a ton of things
    Also thanks to @Nicelittle for helping me make this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. V2.5
  2. v2.4.1
  3. More improvements

Recent Reviews

  1. SKB
    Version: 2.5
    Man, this is absolutely amazing. Love the stance the sedan has, and the new bumper is pretty sweet
  2. Fredr3x
    Version: 2.5
    Absolutely love the new Gran Coupe!
  3. gtaman788
    Version: 2.4.1
    This lovely mod will tie us over till the new sedan ( witch i hope is RWD ) is out! Even so i think i will still use this.

    Love the shape of it very good mood :)
    Version: 2.4.1
    This is the superior sedan mod. The rear isn't too high and the car isn't too nose heavy.
    The GT3 needs some more front downforce and suspension tuning, but I don't know if the suspension can be fixed without a complete rework of the suspension or without BeamNG implementing bumpstops.
    1. Milendur
      Author's Response
      All vanilla etk 800 configs look too lifted at the back so i made my config lower to make both axles similar height and im glad someone noticed. This mod doesn't include any GT3 stuff currently so i don't know what you are reffering to exactly
  5. dumpling
    Version: 2.4.1
    Perfect, just perfect
  6. Kilu888
    Version: 2.4.1
    Really nice
  7. Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Version: 2.4.1
    This is like heaven for role-playing. Finally, a modern car that isn't either a coupé, station wagon, or just a budget subcompact. Thanks for this nice addition, friend!
  8. SKB
    Version: 2.4.1
    Epic looks, btw, whn making configs, using 844, 846, numbers would be better since its a 4 door and not a 5 door like the wagon :)
  9. Mr. Marbles
    Mr. Marbles
    Version: 2.3.3
    looks perfect, like an official thing. also like that it doesnt come with configs, so the config page doesnt get too cluttered. also nice alternative tuning parts!
  10. a lazy AJ
    a lazy AJ
    Version: 2.3.3
    Great mod! I used it to turn my default into a "lease queen" base model
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