Alpha ETK 800 Sedan 2.7.2

Adds one more body option

  1. v2.5.1

  2. V2.5

    Added sedan panoramic glass roof
    Improvements/Fixes to sedan
  3. v2.4.1

    Added CSL style lip spoiler
    Most dark plastic parts replaced with carbon fiber
    Reworked lip spoiler
    Improvements to sedan
    Added 1 config
    Removed unused files
    Fixed mod replacing vanilla files
    Organised files
  4. More improvements

    v2.3.3 Added 3rd brake light
    Rear door's glass and rear glass now breaks properly
    Various small fixes
  5. b

    v2.3.2 More improvements and fixes
  6. a

    v2.3.1 Improvements to sedan
    Improvements to tuning parts
  7. here we go again

    v2.3 Added small lip spoiler

    Improvements to textures and normal maps
    Small adjustments to 3d model
    Improvement to fps (fun fact - now you get slightly better fps in some situations compared to wagon)
    and more small things idk
  8. fixes vol 19

    v2.2.2 Adjustments to jbeam 1st part - now collison should be better and trunk should act more normal
    Normal mapped rear doors plastic trim to look more inline with the front doors plastic trim
    Fixed trunk being transparent from inside
    Fixed texturing inside trunk compartment
    Various improvements to mesh and textures
    and more things i forgot...
  9. Fixes

    v2.2.1 Added sedan dark sunroof
    Added sedan plain roof
    Added sedan dark plain roof
    Fixed rear door panels on wagon ETK 800 not working when mod is enabled
    Fixed custom xcSport front bumper transparency
    More small fixes
  10. Sedan is now an option

    v2.2 Added sedan
    Added 1 new config
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