Alpha ETK 800 Sedan 2.7.2

Adds one more body option

  1. updet :)

    V2.1.2 Miscellaneous fixes on xcSport bumper and xcSport lip
  2. Fix

    v2.1.1 Fixed file conflict
  3. New bumper

    v2.1 Added custom xcSport front bumper
    Added xcSport lip
    screenshot_2021-09-01_19-37-47.png screenshot_2021-09-01_19-38-22.png

    Fixed every ETK 800 spawning with sideskirts by default when mod is enabled, even vanilla configs
  4. More improvements

    v2.0 Reworked sideskirts
    Reworked back splitters
    Removed custom diffuser

    Added small addon to vanilla ttSport diffuser
    zfdz.png screenshot_2021-08-22_16-13-33.png

    Added facelift rear bumper
    Added facelift diffuser
    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png
    Reduced mod file size
    Various small fixes
    Improvement to fps

    Made sideskirts have seperate slot in parts...
  5. Another one

    v1.7.2 Improved jbeam
    screenshot_2021-08-05_13-32-02.png screenshot_2021-08-05_13-32-17.png
  6. updet

    v.1.7.1 yes
  7. Reworked diffuser

    v1.7 New diffuser boys
    1.png 2.png 3.png
  8. Compatibility for 0.23

    v1.6 Updated materials
    Removed front splitters
    Added custom front bumper with splitters
    Cleaned up unused files
    Various small fixes and improvements

    1.png 2.png
  9. New side mirrors

    v1.5 Added custom side mirrors
  10. Dark roof

    v1.4 Added dark roof
    updatenotes.png updatenotes1.png
    Great in combination with custom dark tailgate spoiler
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