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Beta ETK 800 Series V10 1.1

When fuel economy is no longer a concern

  1. Nothy

    Upon the release of the 2013 ETK 800 series, ETK produced 10,000 V10 models, called the 856 TTSport+ V10. This rare model supposedly produces 525 horsepower at the crank.

    - Adds a 6.0L V10 engine and two different turbos.

    Things worth noting:
    - A more custom looking car is coming, as I'm not too terribly experienced with modding yet. This car was simply made for fun.
    - This is built upon an older mod I never released, therefore the engine is slightly outdated. ECUs and long blocks are coming in the future, too. I just need to get it working.

Recent Updates

  1. Small fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. Un4KnoW
    Version: 1.1
    more V10 = more better
    1. Nothy
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