Alpha ETK 800 Tuner Add-ons 1.1.0

Additional parts to spice up your ETK 800

  1. v1.1.0

    • xcSport front lip plus (body color and black)
    BeamngdriveScreenshot20211229-14175326.png BeamngdriveScreenshot20211229-14173854.png

    • Sideskirts plus (body color and black)
    BeamngdriveScreenshot20211229-14183331.png BeamngdriveScreenshot20211229-14184407.png

    • Rear splitters plus (body color and black)
    BeamngdriveScreenshot20211229-14191472.png BeamngdriveScreenshot20211229-14192986.png

    • Rear aero splitter add-on

    Stage 2 and 3 turbo for diesel I6
    Fixed rear splitters being invisible...
  2. v1.0.1

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