ETK Comfort Plus 6

ETK 800 (Air suspension, Engines, and more)

  1. More Diesels!

    • Low powered HDi Diesel engine with ecu remaps
    • Extremely Monstrous 6cyl diesel engine
    • High powered 4cyl diesel
    • 8-Speed Diesel Monster Automatic Transmission
    • 5-Speed HDi automatic Transmission
    • Monstrous Turbocharger for the diesel engine
  2. Improvements

    -Increased i4 engine sound volume
  3. Fixes

    -Fixed non functioning exhaust
    -Added speed limiter for the v8
  4. i4 Engine Update

    Updated 4cyl quiet petrol Engine Sound
  5. Adaptive Sport Air Suspension

    • Added Adaptive Sport Air Suspension
    • A New and Improved CVT for the V8
    • New Config
  6. Fixez and stuffs

    • Jbeam Simplification
    • Diesel Engine Sound Improved
    • Removed ETK 1300 and ETK sedan
    • Eh forgot the rest
  7. ETK sedan, improved Turbo S

    Added Comfort Suspension settings for the etk sedan mod
  8. New i4 Gas Engine

    Added a new strong and quiet inline 4 gasoline engine producing 240hp. Exhaust tone is different from the original 2.0l engine
  9. Air and normal suspension Update

    Reworked Jbeam, pre-tuned air suspension, and normal comfort+ suspension
  10. Sway Bar Update

    • Added comfort swaybar for the etk 800
    • Reduced in cabin vibration on high speed
    • It's now more floaty with the new swaybar
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