Alpha ETK Diesel Performance Package 0.37

ETK (Diesel) Performance Package

  1. Josh
    Update 8/11/2017

    i'm back ! (it only took 1 year and 2 months) :p
    • Revamped
    • 3.5L Base I6 Diesel
    • 4R100 W/ High Stall (Triple Disc) (Torque Converter)
    • 66mm turbo (~600 HP)
    • 72mm turbo (~800 HP)

    ** Original Post Below **

    A simple "performance" package and preset including
    • 3.0 I6 Performance Turbocharger (450-500+ HP) (Fully adjustable up to 50 psi via tuning menu.)
    • 2.4 I4 Performance Turbocharger (250+ HP) (Fully adjustable up to 50 psi via tuning menu.)
    • Race 4R100 4 speed automatic

    Update 6/14/2016​

    • Race 5 speed automatic transmission
    • "Race" turbo for 3.0L I6 (900+HP) (Peak of 105 psi of boost..)
    • New ETK 800 presets
    Please note​

    "race turbo" for the I6 is meant to simulate a large single turbocharger, so on the bottom end it will be "laggy" until the turbo is spooled up..

    This is for all you diesel junkies (including me) out there how have a very strong interest into the diesel performance world.

    Perfect for boost launches or 0-60 times.

    This is meant to be "realistic" in a sense, so give a try and see what you think. :)


Recent Reviews

  1. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 0.37
    Cool mod
  2. BannedByAndroid
    Version: 0.37
    Why it still said "Outdated"?
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      It was just swapped to "alpha", I haven't updated it in a year and it had an "outdated" tag till around 6 mins ago.
  3. boostedsnail21
    Version: 0.1
    i really like it! keep them coming lol ;p
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