Alpha ETK Diesel Performance Package 0.37

ETK (Diesel) Performance Package

  1. Revamped (All New) 8/11/2017

    Update 8/11/2017 (Update Pending)

    i'm back ! (it only took 1 year and 2 months) :p
    • Revamped
    • 3.5L Base I6 Diesel
    • 4R100 W/ High Stall (Triple Disc) (Torque Converter)
    • 66mm turbo (~600 HP)
    • 72mm turbo (~800 HP)
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  2. "Race" turbo and new transmission, presets


    • race 5 speed automatic transmission
    • "race" turbo for 3.0L I6 (900+HP)
    • new ETK 800 presets
    Please note

    "race turbo" meant to simulate a large single turbocharger for "top end" power, so on the bottom end of the power curve it will be "laggy" until the turbo is spooled up..
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  3. zip name fix

    zip name fix
  4. Added 2.4 I4 Diesel Performance Turbocharger


    • 2.4 I4 Diesel performance turbo charger (250+HP)
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