Outdated ETK Diesel powered Hopper!+V8! 1.21

Great for extra oommph going up hills :)

  1. Bug fuxes and new presets and new turbos

    Adds the following turbo's
    186hp/420nm i4 turbo
    210hp/450nm i6 detuned turbo
    240hp/500nm i6 detuned turbo
    Adds various presets too
    Fixes bug where manual presets are equipped with an automatic shifter...
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  2. Patch for 0.10

    Temporary until hotfix:
    -Gearbox is in legacy mode, so the automatic does not use the Aggression yet (waiting for hotfix from devs).
    New content:
    Improved 5 Speed Automatic, locks up on 2nd gear, and has "correct" gear ratios
    Dover V8!
    New thumbnails!

    Back to the V8...
    It has two intake options, carbureted and high performance EFI (will add various different tunes in future, as well as Force Induction).
    Carbureted uses the old style V8 noise and has no rev limiter.
    EFI sounds like the new...
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  3. Adds the ability to use N/A engines

    You can now remove the turbochargers :)
    Also its now very unique :p (thanks to synsol)
  4. Last File Update

    Hooray, done, hopefully
    checked in the zip files and all works! :)
  5. yet another file update

    Hopefully the last file update :)
  6. File update

    Just making sure it doesn't overwrite anything
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