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Outdated ETK Engines For The Vanster 1.42

ETK Engines on the Vanster

  1. Automatic Transmission Update

    Makes it shift faster, fixes slow to respond to throttle response.
  2. Bug Fix

    Fixes bug where the needles would be misaligned for the automatic shift guage
  3. Petrol Engines

    Adds the manual transmissions that the ETK had
    And the 2 petrol engines and their turbochargers, the turbos are interchangeable so you can have fun with that.


    1. stock_i4_petrol.png
    2. stock_i4_turbo_petrol.png
    3. stock_i6_petrol.png
    4. stock_i6_turbo_petrol.png
  4. 6spd Manual from ETK800 and 8spd Automatic

    Adds the 6spd manual from the ETK 800 (not realistic as there is no gear knob)
    Adds an 8spd automatic that uses the same ratios as the ETK800 (this is not the DCT as it would throw LUA errors for some reason)


    1. Untitled-1.png
  5. Thumbnails and names

    Changed the names and thumbnails
  6. File update

    Fixes over riding of original game files
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