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ETK I-Series Cabrio 1.31

Wind in the hair!

  1. Fix

    Fixed missing gear knob and handbrake lever.
  2. On the road again.

    Fixed problem with crashing of the car. Now works properly. Known issue is that big part of chrome trim doesn't work on left side.
  3. Tweaks

    • Fixed roll cage and returned the Race version.
    • Fixed non braking tailights.
    • Added new white thumbnails.
    • Added horn, line lock, indicator sounds, etc. support.
  4. Removal of Roll Cage

    Removed race version because roll cage instabilities. Race version will be brought back in one of future updates.
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  5. Update #1

    First update for this mod.
    -Added window free doors with custom jbeam.
    -Removed unused beams (Big thanks to @synsol for help).
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