ETK-I Series I5 Engine 1.1

nostalgic turbocharged I5 sounds, with an actual spinning compressor wheel!

  1. Sleeper Config and new drag Turbocharger (Spinning Compressor Wheel!)

    Turbo moment cuz yes.

    Decided to make a turbo with an actual spinning compressor wheel which i model by myself. Isn't the best one out there but does the job.

    Also did an "sleeper" config with this turbocharger (that thing coming out the hood ain't sleeper at all lmao)

    Basically added:
    -x1 Drag variable turbo
    -x1 Drag radiator
    -x1 Drag long block
    -x2 Vented open hoods (Arcade and Realistic , config has arcade one as default)
    -x1 Sleeper config (kinda of)
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