Outdated ETK I-Series V12 1.1

ETK I Series 6.0L V12 including 3 intake tunes and new 5 speed auto and 6 speed manual.

  1. ItaliAsian

    New 6.0L V12 for the ETK I-Series

    • 3 Intake tunes based on the BMW M70, S70, and S70/2.
    • 6 speed manual
    • 5 speed auto
    • 3 configurations to make use of the new engine

Recent Updates

  1. parts name fix

Recent Reviews

  1. MKPanther
    Version: 1.1
    Moar V12 pls
  2. TR1PP1N
    Version: 1.1

    A must-have resource for any fan of the ETK series and powerful engines. My new favorite/default car, and a serious contender in any road, track, and even rally race.

    At first I thought this mod would be a mere novelty, for something that is as fast and classic as the I-Series already is... but I was wrong. The screaming V12 engine brings everything that any other version of the car was missing.

    Available in both Coupe and Sedan body styles, I highly recommend you select the "6000ix" in your garage. Ignore the description/statistics (or multiply them by 2, if you like ;)

    Start up the 6000 to hear all of it's growling 410 horses and 6 litres of snarling intimidation. Tap on the throttle for a split second, and you will find the power delivery is extremely rapid and smooth through all 6 gears, toward a blistering top speed of 178 M.P.H.

    The 6000ix boasts 460 ft-lbs. of torque, and the classic I-Series frame takes full advantage of it. Instead of being overloaded or burdened by it's massive engine, both drivetrain packages are excellent platforms that are able to deliver the power efficiently to the road surface through a great transmission and AWD system. It also corners superbly as any other version of the I-Series.

    The softer suspension and precise, yet silky smooth handling of the I-Series is well suited to high speed driving - Some may find it is more forgiving than the K-series in certain circumstances, allowing you to soak up bumps and steer more aggressively without throwing the car off balance.

    Differences between the Coupe and Sedan body styles mostly boil down to handling. The Sedan is a bit heavier, especially in the rear, and has a longer wheelbase - Leading the 4-Door Sedan version to feel a bit slower, but more stable and accommodating at high speed.

    I was able to handle the Sedan all the way up to it's top speed on a variety of roads, and sliding sideways at over 100 MPH with a comfortable, confident driving style... As opposed to the Coupe, which feels a lot more racy, wanting to be driven more carefully, sometimes breaking unexpectedly into oversteer, and requiring you to have a more twitchy driving style and quicker reactions to go fast. It really boils down to personal preference, but both offer serious performance in a really classic package.

    In terms of smaller details, the engine itself is modeled beautifully, and you may find yourself removing your hood in the garage so you can admire the craftsmanship as you drive around town!

    If anything, my only complaint is that there is no pure RWD version. The AWD system delivers the power to pavement superbly, and the car is probably the BEST at pulling off smoking 4-wheel drifts as the game has seen so far - However, with an engine like this, hooligan drivers want to show off how much tire and asphalt can be destroyed with this vehicle in a pure RWD form, which might be an even greater pleasure to drive.

    Overall, probably the best engine mod that's been dropped into a stock 'NG Drive vehicle line. I cannot thank ItaliAsian enough for this awesome ride. I just wish it had more stock versions ; ]

  3. DenyG
    Version: 1.1
  4. Ovahlls
    Version: 1.1
    Fast, what else is there to say, am I right?
    Version: 1.1
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