Beta ETK K Off-road Suspension 1.1

Offroad rally suspension for the ETK K

  1. Injun
    This mod will turn your ETK K GT cruiser into an offroad bruiser! The mod adds rally suspension to your suspension options so please be sure to check your parts list to put this into effect.

    Note: this does not have upgraded hubs so I would not recommend taking big jumps.

    This mod features an increased ride height option and fast damping option.

    The mod includes:
    Off-road front coilovers
    Off-road rear springs
    Off-road rear shocks

    Recommended settings but feel free to experiment:
    - kc6tx manual base with TT speed gearbox
    - No swaybars front and rear
    - Alder Power Push wheels and all terrain tires
    - GT Wing (downforce to keep it stable at high speed trail running)
    -Suspension settings:
    ---Front Suspension---
    Bound: 4000
    Fast Bound: 2700
    Rebound: 7500
    Spring Rate: 27000
    Height: 0.25

    ---Rear Suspension---
    Bound: 3500
    Fast Bound: 2300
    Rebound: 7800
    Spring Rate: 21000
    Height: 0.25


    1. ETK_Rally.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Default Suspension Settings change

Recent Reviews

  1. kotletzdrewna
    Version: 1.1
    needs snorkel and other offroad parts
    1. Injun
      Author's Response
      I would love to at some point but this was just me messing around with the config files, can't promise I'll do it but sounds fun! I'll need to beef up the suspension first to handle jumps before anything
    Version: 1.1
    Now the ETK K Series is fully functional. Also, with this mod + offroad tires it's becoming t h i c c
  3. Squatch32560
    Version: 1.1
    YES!!! These are the mods I love, the ones that add things for vehicles that normally wouldn't be done.

    Wanna lift a car? Sure.
    1. Injun
      Author's Response
      Thank you! This is my first mod and I'm glad you like it!
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