ETK K-Series & ETK 800 V8 Engine Mod 1.2.5

4.5L V8 Engine for ETK K-Series & ETK 800

  1. Default ETK transmissions support, Turbocharger & Supercharger tweaks

    - Default ETK transmissions support
    - my transmissions have "(MOD)" added to their names to distinguish them from default transmissions​
    - Turbo and supercharger tweaks
    - Turbochargers and superchargers are split into 4 stages now instead of 3
    - Added Variable Boost Turbocharger and Variable Pressure Supercharger for better configurability​
  2. Intake Pack and AWD support

    - Intake Pack - 3 superchargers, 3 turbos, sport intake, race intake
    - AWD support - AWD transfer case added to transmissions
    - New 6-speed sequential transmission
    - 2 new custom configurations:
    - V8 AWD configuration for ETK 800
    - GTR configuration for ETK K-Series​
  3. ETK K-Series & ETK 800 V8 Engine Mod

    - Engine now available for ETK 800 as well
    - Configurations for ETK 800 with V8 engine added
    - Fixed bug where engine would show through hood under full load - engine is now positioned a bit lower
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