ETK K-Series Kremer Racing 1.1

Replica of a real livery

  1. ovalexss
    A replica of the real livery from the Kremer Racing team. The livery is made from photos and videos. 100% similarity! The car has a large number of sponsors. More than 12 hours were spent on the production of the skin. I hope you enjoy my work.

    Kremer Racing is a motorsports team based in Cologne, Germany, founded by racing driver Erwin Kremer and his brother Manfred. They have competed internationally with Porsches for nearly all of their existence, and were even one of the factory-backed squads for many years.

    Installation: Easy. Drop the zip into your mods folder, typically located here...
    screenshot_2021-04-07_16-12-28.png screenshot_2021-04-09_19-12-29.png screenshot_2021-04-09_19-14-05.png screenshot_2021-04-09_19-15-04.png screenshot_2021-04-09_19-16-53.png

Recent Updates

  1. minor changes

Recent Reviews

  1. Aditya Nugroho
    Aditya Nugroho
    Version: 1.1
    CC, Crazy Cool!
  2. Fredr3x
    Version: 1.1
    Looks the part!
  3. AppleRuck
    Version: 1.1
    The best and highest quality livery.
    1. ovalexss
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