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ETK S-Series 2.51

Brand new ETK luxury sedan

  1. Bringing back a thing..

    This Update brings back the pre-2.5 bumper as an alternative choice to the new one.
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  2. 0.10 Patch with a Facelift

    clear cache before you use it!

    S-Series 2.5

    • Replaces stock bumper with new Facelift one
    • Sounds added for each engine*

    *S12tx has a placeholder sound
  3. Some fixing here and there

    Version 2.1

    • Improved the car's aero
    • Fixed foglight position
    • Reworked the Variable Boost Twin Turbochargers
    • Fixed wrong color showing up on the ttSport+ DCT
    • Fixed front indicators

    have fun with the even better turbos ;)
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  4. Big Update, Bigger S-Series!

    Version 2.0
    Do not forget to clear cache before you install this update!

    • Suspension has been strenghtened
    • jbeam has been updated to match 0.9 standards
    • added digital gauges from the ETK800
    • New config : S12tx LWB , a long wheel base V12TT powered...
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  5. Glorious Version 1 Update , leaving Beta!

    Clear cache before you use this update!
    S-Series Update to Version 1.0

    This Update includes a complete jbeam overhaul and the addition of missing features and adjustments like the ETK Post-crash stopping system.

    but apart of the internal fixes , theres also new content. The highlight : ttSport GT.

    The ttSport GT is equipped with an even more powerful 470hp engine and a perfectly...
  6. 0.82 Hotfix

    This pre-release hotfix fixes various things like ABS , which was causing a fatal exception when being removed.