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ETK8 Extension Pack - BMW Diesel Engines 1.0.0

7 REAL BMW Diesel engines, a new transmission, more wheel options and more gear ratios!

  1. Fixes and additions

    • Fixed torque converter having wrong values making the transmission shift abruptly
    • Reduced engine inertia in all the engines
      • sComfort, 5sport and xSport wheels are available now in 19 inch
      • SComfort, 5sport, xSport and ttx10 wheels are available now in 17 inch
      • kc5, ttc10 and ttSport wheels are now available in 18 inch
      • ...
  2. More content and fixes

    • Slightly tweaked turbos
    • Slightly increased NA power curve of B47 engines
    • Added straight exhaust for B47 engines
    • Added straight exhaust for B57 engines
    • Changed configs a bit
    • Added High Springs and Struts
    • Added RPM limit options for B47 engines
    • Added limiter type for all the engines (soft, popcorn fast / slow)
    • Fixed B57 395hp having a wrong Bottom End that didn't support a remap...

    • Completely redid turbochargers
      • Added real turbocharger names
      • Tweaked spool RPMs and time
      • Muted turbo sounds temporarily
      • Tweaked inertia and friction values
      • Added remaps (inside turbo slot)
    • Customised burnEfficiency for more realistic results (consumption and heating)
    • Fixed 825td config having a wrong engine
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