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Outdated ETK800 and K Series V12 1.2

ETK800 and K Series V12 with a Bi-Turbocharger Option

  1. ETK V12 Version 1.2 Update

    New Content
    • Added the V12 to the ETK800.
    • 11 New Configurations for the ETK800 with the V12.
    • Modified Engine Mesh(W.I.P.)
    • Fixed file naming.
    • Fixed gear ratio's on both V12 transmissions.
    • Fixed variable turbo default setting.
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  2. ETK K Series V12 Version 1.1 Update

    Bug Fixes
    • Clutch Strength: Fixed
    • Not Shifting in arcade/automatic: Fixed
    • Engine Cover clipping through Hood: Fixed
    New Content
    • New 6 Speed Manual Gearbox with revised gearing and variable final drive.
    • New 8 Speed Automatic Gearbox with revised gearing and variable final drive.
    • New Variable Boost Bi-Turbocharger
    Known Issues
    • Reverse in Manual Shifting modes has a problem of not revving up.
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