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Beta ETK800 Hybrid 6.0.1

Full hybrid versions of the ETK800 hatchback car

  1. New Custom Gearbox!

    This is a fairly major update. I've completely rewritten the eCVT gearbox so that it is no longer a modified version of the BeamNG CVT, but rather a completely unique simulation of a real planetary "Power Split Device" as is found in Toyota and Ford's hybrid vehicles!

    The gearbox now simulates two separate electric motors using simplified (but still fairly realistic) electric motor torque equations, as well as simulating a planetary gearbox with the correct torque/speed ratios.

    You'll notice several major improvements from the previous version's gearbox:
    • Engine will never over-rev, because it is never locked to the output shaft (torque is transmitted from the engine to the wheels only when "motor-generator 1" is generating power). You could hypothetically switch off EV mode and start the engine at 100 MPH and it will still smoothly engage without lurching or over-revving.
    • Engine torque response is limited only by the engine's ability to rev up; there's no more CVT lag. This also means there is a performance improvement in terms of acceleration.
    • Starting of the engine is smoother and doesn't cause the vehicle to lurch or lose traction, due to the fact that the engine is never "clutched" or "unclutched" to the gearbox
    • Engine can start faster because instead of using the engine's starter motor, the gearbox itself quickly spins the engine up to its idle RPM (this is how most real hybrids start the engine)
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