European License Plates Compilation 1.4.1

A selection of HQ license plates all over Europe.

  1. PBR Update


    This update fixes all issues caused by the 0.24 change which added PBR materials to the FCV cars.

    This version includes the following changes:
    • Redone all RHD parts from scratch.
    • The textures no longer rely on custom ones (all the mirroring has been done in the 3D files), which helps shaving more than 50% of the total mod file size.
    • Added support to all official optional steering wheels with their own RHD slot while browsing wheels.
    • Updated all jbeam files, including the gauges ones, to ensure they are up to date with the current changes.
    • Updated all configs to ensure the specifics are the same as in the LHD versions.
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