Facebook Community Scenario Challenge Pack v1.4.2

Pack of challenge scenarios

  1. v0.21 fix

    fixed Very Important Rock scenario to match the Jungle Rock Island revamp
  2. fixed Highway Stallion scoring

    fixed Highway Stallion scoring
  3. new scenario and a fix

    adjusted naming system ids
    fixed Dirty Wood trailer damage score type o, it was way too sensitive
    added Nitrous Avenue scenario
  4. 3 new scenarios

    added three new scenarios (Italy Rally, Highway Stallion and Holiday Hillclimb)
    added clapping ambient sounds to rally start and finish lines
    added start rally gate model to Utah Rally
    added silly license plate numbers to all scenarios
  5. Two more scenarios

    I got bored and made a couple more.
  6. Two more scenarios

    added endui time to challenge 1
    added damage scenario ui mode to challenge 2
    added Challenge 3 and 4
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