Beta Fedex Ground Delivery Box truck 1.1


  1. devo343

    Automation FedEx ground truck that i made in automation using venom's unfinished automation mod body

    it comes with 3 diffrent engines
    a 4.1 I6 Diesel producing 193hp 256ib-ft
    a 6.3 V8 Diesel producing 270HP 432IB-FT
    and a 6.8 V10 based of the ford Triton V10 producing 268HP 401IB-FT
    all 3 different ones are powered by the same 5 speed automatic gearbox
    i can add more engines based on request if wanted

    the default FedEx truck comes with the 6.8 V10 which can be changed

    {the engines can be found in the config just like changing stuff out in a normal beam ng drive car}{thx alexfarmer557 for helping me on that}

    The sounds were editied for the 2 diesel engines to make them sound like diesels

    hope you enjoy it


    1. HighresScreenshot00009.png
    2. HighresScreenshot00009.png
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