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Beta Feel The Bumps 3.8

- Testing world made for fun - Hand crafted terrain -

  1. Update #28

    1 new spawn point
    Hotfix few thing from last update
    Edit some stuff
    Possibly better fps
  2. Update #27

    I did alot of work on that update.
    including many fix

    Too much stuff have been done to make a list. :rolleyes:

    Enjoy :)
  3. Update #26

    Some work have been done :)

    (still need some little work on unfinish stuff)
    (and more spawnpoint will come soon)
    Have fun :cool:
  4. #25

    • Made alot of work.
    • Surprise

    Enjoy !
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  5. Update #24

    Yayy ! new patch is Awsomee ! Thanks beamnNG

    • New road and stunt stuff
    • Terrain change and improvement
    • Change and add some decals
    • Change setting in the sky
    • Artwork
    • Bug fix
    • And more !!
    Let Riide ! enjoyy :cool:
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  6. Update #23

    • Rework and add a bunch of new stunt stuff outside the arena
    • Many terrain change and improvement
    • More acess to go outside
    • Add new road of bumps (outside)
    • Add new jumps and tunnel
    • More Artwork and vegetation
    • Change some decal
    • Rework some road
    • Rework one strip of rock
    • & Much more !
    Enjoy :p
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  7. Update #22

    • Made alot of work almost everywhere outside the arena
    • New (tunnel, bridge, stunt road, ramp, testing stuff)
    • New acess to go outside
    • Some artwork and more vegetation
    • Rework some road and tunnel
    • Terrain change and improvement
    • Fix little bug

    Have Fun !! :D
  8. Update #21

    • Add 4 new stunt road outside arena
    • Add 3 new acess to go outside
    • New jumps, bridge and stunt stuff
    • Many terrain change and improvement
    • Rework of many roads
    • Rework some tunnel
    • Rework rock strip
    • Rework some object
    • More vegetation
    • More Artwork
    • & More !!
    Enjoy :cool:
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  9. Update #20

    • Add cloud and change sun setting a little bit
    • Add 1 new building with jump (offroad section)
    • Add 3 new tunnel
    • Rework some other tunnel and entrance
    • Add some new jumps and stunt stuff (inside and outside arena)
    • Change the angle of some jump
    • The top ring border is now smoother
    • Many terrain change and improvement
    • Kinda lots of new vegetation & rock
    • More artwork
    • Alots of little fix
    • Other stuff i cant remember :p

    Enjoy! :cool:
  10. Update #19

    • Change texture of arena wall and position (closer to the edge)
    • Add 1 building
    • Add 1 small stunt bridge
    • Alot of terrain change and improvement
    • Add more vegetation
    • More artwork
    • Add new jumps
    • Some bug fix
    That update change the shadow from arena wall too.
    I hope you like it.

    Enjoy ! :)
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