Beta Feel The Bumps 3.9

- Testing world made for fun - Hand crafted terrain -

  1. Update # 29

    I made alot of change (work on it almost everyday since last update)
    remove and add some stuff
    rework some terrain, road and path
    too much stuff to be listed
    should have better fps
    clear your cache if you have problem
    i will remake spawnpoint image soon

    have fun :)
  2. Update #28

    1 new spawn point
    Hotfix few thing from last update
    Edit some stuff
    Possibly better fps
  3. Update #27

    I did alot of work on that update.
    including many fix

    Too much stuff have been done to make a list. :rolleyes:

    Enjoy :)
  4. Update #26

    Some work have been done :)

    (still need some little work on unfinish stuff)
    (and more spawnpoint will come soon)
    Have fun :cool:
  5. #25

    • Made alot of work.
    • Surprise

    Enjoy !
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  6. Update #24

    Yayy ! new patch is Awsomee ! Thanks beamnNG

    • New road and stunt stuff
    • Terrain change and improvement
    • Change and add some decals
    • Change setting in the sky
    • Artwork
    • Bug fix
    • And more !!
    Let Riide ! enjoyy :cool:
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  7. Update #23

    • Rework and add a bunch of new stunt stuff outside the arena
    • Many terrain change and improvement
    • More acess to go outside
    • Add new road of bumps (outside)
    • Add new jumps and tunnel
    • More Artwork and vegetation
    • Change some decal
    • Rework some road
    • Rework one strip of rock
    • & Much more !
    Enjoy :p
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  8. Update #22

    • Made alot of work almost everywhere outside the arena
    • New (tunnel, bridge, stunt road, ramp, testing stuff)
    • New acess to go outside
    • Some artwork and more vegetation
    • Rework some road and tunnel
    • Terrain change and improvement
    • Fix little bug

    Have Fun !! :D
  9. Update #21

    • Add 4 new stunt road outside arena
    • Add 3 new acess to go outside
    • New jumps, bridge and stunt stuff
    • Many terrain change and improvement
    • Rework of many roads
    • Rework some tunnel
    • Rework rock strip
    • Rework some object
    • More vegetation
    • More Artwork
    • & More !!
    Enjoy :cool:
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  10. Update #20

    • Add cloud and change sun setting a little bit
    • Add 1 new building with jump (offroad section)
    • Add 3 new tunnel
    • Rework some other tunnel and entrance
    • Add some new jumps and stunt stuff (inside and outside arena)
    • Change the angle of some jump
    • The top ring border is now smoother
    • Many terrain change and improvement
    • Kinda lots of new vegetation & rock
    • More artwork
    • Alots of little fix
    • Other stuff i cant remember :p

    Enjoy! :cool:
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