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Beta Feel The Bumps 3.9

- Testing world made for fun - Hand crafted terrain -

  1. Update #9

    • Change the quality and width of main road to look more normal
    • Much more artwork
    • Bug Fix
    • & more
  2. Update #8

    • Relocate the road to go on the top ring
    • add a water ridge
    • add 3 new tunnel (now 6 total) ( I will change the angle of some jumps on next update)
    • some artwork
    • few bug fix
    • add some object
    • & more
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  3. Update #7

    • More artwork
    • New building
    • Change some road
    • Some new object
    • Change angle of few jumps
    • Other fix
    • & more
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  4. Update #6

    • Add thumbnail
    • many little fix
    • add jumps
    • add a second secret tunnel
    • & more
  5. Update #5

    • Added gaz station & Shed
    • Rework the spawn area
    • Add new Secret Tunnel !
    • More artwork
    • No texture bridge should be fix
    • Rework the new road from last update & add new little bridge
    • :cool: Thanks for all the 5 star review & support. I work hard on it and its much apreciated
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  6. Update #4

    • Artwork Fixed (last one was buggy i had to redo ) it will get better in my next few update
  7. Update #3

    • Terrains modification & repainting
    • added 1 road
    • edge smoothing
    • some other little things
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  8. Update #2

    Paint some terrains to make it feel more ''real'', jumps & other stuff added, mud patch added, fixed stuff here and there
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  9. Update #1

    texture sould be fix and i have add some stuff in the offroad section, fix main road & repaint some terrains
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