Fiction Police Livery Pack 虚拟警车涂装包 8.3

The skins of useless forces. 一帮废物的涂装

  1. 0.23 update

    First you should be noted: my game crush every time I take screenshot after 0.23.4 update. And I can't stand re-open the game every time to make thumbnails, so some of the thumbnails are still the older version. This problem should be fixed after the next update (or not, depends on whether that GUP issue can be fixed).
    Fixed all beacon lights
    Remade every skins of pigeon
    Remade several skins
    Added some new skins:
    Las Vegas Police Department (宿醉 The Hangover)
    River Ridge Police Department K-9 (某个神奇的漫画 a interesting comic)
    Police Interceptor (BeamNG)
    Himalayas Area Police Department (雪怪历险记 The Smallfoot)
    State Trooper (BeamNG)
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