Fictional Trucking and Service Skin Pack 2.6

A pack of skins from fictional service and trucking companies

  1. New Skins

    Top Tier Studios
    Added 17 new skins in total
    - Added 15 new skins from the following new companies: DARTS Worldwide Freight Logistics, Pet City, Slow & Steady Furniture Delivery, Fog Hill Furniture Wholesale, Tesoro Hotel, & Supercart Grocery Delivery - Added 2 lavender coloured Nodeoline skins to match the Hirochi Raceway gas station​
    - Other small fixes and improvements
    screenshot_2022-03-16_22-37-07.jpg screenshot_2022-03-18_19-57-39.jpg screenshot_2022-03-19_22-24-54.jpg screenshot_2022-03-19_22-38-46.jpg screenshot_2022-03-21_18-04-04.jpg screenshot_2022-03-21_18-40-01.jpg
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