Beta Fifth Wheel for the D-Series 2.1

Adds a fifth wheel to the D-Series

  1. Bugfix

    - Fixed a bug where the taillights would simply fall off the short flatbed and deform weirdly
    - Removed Herobrine
  2. Big content update!

    - Added Fifth Wheel mounted on a custom small flatbed with reduced slots:
    BeamNGdrive-0213011175-RELEASE-x640702202112_01_43.png BeamNGdrive-0213011175-RELEASE-x640702202112_03_05.png
    - Added dually mud shields (with clipping issues):
    - Added Fifth Wheel mounted on a custom big flatbed with removed rear step:
  3. Fixes

    - Fixed Jbeam stuff
    - Added new springs
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