Ford 6R80 and 10R80 Transmission for D-Series Pickup (Alpha) 0.1

6 speed and 10 speed transmissions

  1. Iitselectricboi
    This is a 6R80 and 10R80 Transmission compatible with the D Series pickup. I'll update more on this later, but this mod is in alpha stage so beware of the bugs
    **This will soon become the Ford Engines and Transmissions Mod**


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Recent Reviews

  1. MissingGoatHead
    Version: 0.1
    Does the 10r80 come with weak oil pump gears and faulty auxiliary oil pumps? Or the 6r with paper thin torque converters and inefficient oil coolers?
    But in all honesty you seem to have put a fair bit of effort into this mod and it seems to perform pretty well, keep up the good work!
  2. EthLegVER2
    Version: 0.1
    I like the mod and am excited to see where you take it. The only thing I'd say is I think you should make separate torque converters for each of the transmissions that way you can set them up differently. Like I don't think ( though I could be wrong,) that the 6R80 locks up in 2nd gear like the 10R80 does.

    Also, I think you should make the lockup RPM just a little lower because I personally was running into an issue where I'd be in 7th on the 10R80 going around 40, or any other gear where I was below it, and the torque converter wouldn't be locked up like id think it should be. I will personally be going in and turning it down to about 1000 or 1100RPM from the 1300 you set it at, and seeing how that works

    Other than that though, great job and I'm looking forward to where you end up taking this mod.
    1. Iitselectricboi
      Author's Response
      Yeah I actually released this using the oldest file I've had. In the latest file version I have separate converters and I did lockup for the 6 speed in 5th and lockup for the 10 speed in 8th. At the time of testing I've also being working on an 8HP, 2 Speed Powerglide, 4 Speed Drag (actually firm shifts unlike other mods) but those will either be a bonus or separate mod. I'm also going to eventually make a "heavy duty" version for the 6 and 10 speed as well as the Chevy and Dodge ones. I've also been working on an EcoBoost engine and I might just rename and combine this mod into a "Ford Engine and Transmissions" mod since the one's I've been running broke in recent updates and I managed to make this mod work using bits and pieces of the beamng stock engine and trans jbeams as well as from the 9 Speed Automatic for All Vehicles Mod, credit to them.
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