Alpha Ford Engines 2022.05.22

Contains Ford engines made using Automation

    This mod adds Ford engines to vanilla vehicles and certain mod vehicles. I have included detailed information as spoilers to prevent the webpage from getting long and cluttered. This mod can also be found on the 2 Fast Racing's mod repository and Microsoft Onedrive.

    **Please read if downloading mod from this repository.**
    I have discovered that there is a max upload size for posting mods in BeamNG.Drive's mod repository. As of version 2022.05.01, my mod passes that max upload size and I can't post new resource updates through this website. Because of this people subscribed to this mod will no longer get automatic updates or be able to download newer versions of this mod from this website. As of version 2022.05.01, my mod size is 675MB (the max upload size is 512MB). Of that, 95% of the size is from the sound exports from Automation for all the different engines I have added so far, so I am not able to compress my mod any smaller. Unfortunately, my mod will only get larger since my end goal for this mod is to have most/all the Ford engine families ever produced.

    The good news is that people can still manually download my mod, however, it will have to be from a different website. I have made my mod available on 2 Fast Racing's mod repository (linked here) and from my own download link from OneDrive (linked here). I will still post informational updates through this mod repository so people watching this mod can still receive notifications when updates are released.

    Contents of the Mod:
    List of engines and the BeamNG.Drive vehicles they are added to:
    List of download links for mods used
    Tuneable Transmissions:
    • 3-speed Automatic
    • 3-speed Manual
    • 4-speed Automatic
    • 4-speed Manual
    • 5-speed Automatic
    • 5-speed Manual
    • 6-speed Automatic
    • 7-speed Dual Clutch
    • 10-speed Automatic
    "Unreal" Performance Radiator:
    • All vehicles listed in the Excel document
    "Unreal" Performance Oilcooler:
    • BeamNG.Drive's Civetta Bolide
    • BeamNG.Drive's Ibishu Covet
    • BeamNG.Drive's ETK I-Series
    • BeamNG.Drive's Ibishu Pessima
    • BeamNG.Drive's Ibishu Miramar
    • BeamNG.Drive's Hirochi Sunburst
    • 58_Gram's 2005 Ford GT mod
    • Cheekqo's 2017 Ford GT mod

    How the Engines are Made:
    I have created the engines using Automation and specification documents of the real engines that I could find online. However, I don't plan to make the 3D models for the engines because I don't have the skills or the time to do so (if someone would be interested in teaming up to do that, please let me know). All I did to make this mod was use the preexisting engine files from BeamNG.Drive and just copied over the horsepower chart from the Automation Export. The engines won't look different, but they will have close to the correct performance. Also, the engine sounds are just the sound exported from Automation, so they aren't the real-life engine sounds, but they do sound somewhat similar.

    Things to Point Out:
    • For every engine that is in this mod, I have included a pre-set configuration for the vehicle that the engine would have been in. These configurations should have close to accurate wheels/tires size, transmission gear ratios, and differential final drive ratios. These are just made by using's part selector and tuning sliders.
    • I have created the engines so that you can still use BeamNG.Drive's in-game engine modifications (ex. engine blocks, forced induction, nitro, etc.) on the modded engines.
    • For Ford engines with forced induction, I have created them to work with the forced induction slot type so they can be put on all the engines available for that vehicle.
    • I added an "unreal" level of cooling performance for radiators and oil coolers for certain vehicles because the default cooling parts in BeamNG.Drive aren't good enough for some engine configurations with forced induction.
    • I also added tuneable transmissions so I could get the correct transmission type and gear ratios for the pre-set configurations.
    • Automation currently doesn't support diesel engines or engines with superchargers so I currently can't make any Ford engines that use those. Also, Automation doesn't support low enough engine compression ratios so I can't make the Model T's or Model A's engines.

    Future Engines/Plans:

    • Coyote V8 (requested by PowerstrokeHD)
    • Miami Coyote supercharged V8 (requested by limapalon) (when Automation supports it)
    • Naturally Aspirated diesel engine(s) if/when Automation support it (requested by TMccanna)
    • Lima I4
    • "Eleanor" Mustang
    • 5.4L Triton V8
    • EcoBoost engine family
    • Shelby Cobra 427 V8
    • 5.2L VooDoo V8
    • Most popular Ford Mustang engines
    • Ford Focus RS I4
    • Ford 2021 Bronco V6
    • Ford 2005 GT supercharged V8 (when Automation supports it)
    • Ford Lightning supercharged V8 (when Automation supports it)
    • Shelby GT500 supercharged V8 (when Automation supports it)
    • Ford 2003 SVT Mustang supercharged V8 Terminator (when Automation supports it)
    • Ford 2010 Shelby Raptor supercharged Boss V8 (when Automation supports it)
    • Ford 2012 Shelby Baja 700 supercharged Boss V8 (when Automation supports it)
    • Ford Powerstroke V8 (if/when Automation supports it)
    • Maybe some Ford racing engines (like NASCAR, Cobra Jet, etc.)
    • Maybe unrealistically high horsepower engines (just for fun)
    • Suggestions from you the user. Please note if I take suggestions it will be limited to:
      • Engines to add
      • BeamNG.Drive vehicles to add engines to
      • BeamNG.Drive vehicles to add the unreal performance radiators to
      • Tuneable transmissions to add
      • BeamNG.Drive vehicles to add tuneable transmissions to

    Known Issues:
    • **Please note: I am not a developer, just an average user who likes Fords. Everything I have done for this mod was learned by either searching things up online or by learning with trial-and-error. I work on this during my free time so don't expect regular updates or fast responses. Also, I'm a die-hard ford lover so I won't make any other branded engines for this mod.**
    • All the engines are typically off by on average about 20 hp and lb-ft of the real Ford engines (if you happen to look at torque chart UI in BeamNG.Drive to see if the engines are accurate). When I make the engines in Automation, they are very close to the correct numbers, but I can't figure out why they change that much when exported to BeamNG.Drive.
    • The 1995 Ford GT90 V12 engine sound is much louder than all the other engines. I'm not sure if it's just because it's the only V12 engine or if it's an error in the sound export.
    • Zagdima's 2015 Ford Raptor mod has wheels with very low grip and very stiff suspensions. To fix this I had to change the wheels to use BeamNG.Drive's wheels and added a mod to be able to tune the suspensions. However, the front suspension and hubs have very low breaking points when using BeamNG.Drive wheels. The front wheels seem to break/fall off from little contact. When using BeamNG.Drive's wheels for the rear, the brakes spawn through the wheels/tires (doesn't affect driving) Also, when using my mod for the suspension the rear leaf springs are spawning through the tailgate (doesn't affect driving).
    • Engines have unrealistic startups (as mentioned by 11'tocks)
    • If the BeamNG.Drive vehicle's RPM limit is set higher than the RPM limit of engine, automatic transmissions won't ever shift as they will never reach the required RPMs to shift. The only solution I have found so far is to install the adjustable RPM limiter in the parts selector and adjust the tuning slider accordingly (please check the torque chart UI app for the engine's max RPM. The place where you see the line drop to zero is where its max RPM is).
    • 2012 EcoBoost 1.0 I3 Turbocharged engine is supposed to make a constant amount of torque from 1400 through 4500 RPM. However, there is no way to correctly implement this in Automation. I've tried to make the torque curve as flat as I could, but obviously, the numbers will not be accurate.

Recent Updates

  1. 2022.05.22
  2. 2022.05.21
  3. 2022.05.16

Recent Reviews

  1. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 2022.05.22
    I wonder why the file is so large. There are no custom models right?
      Author's Response
      Yes, you are correct: there are no custom models. However, I use the custom sounds files from the Automation engine export. I do this because it makes each engine I have sound unique and close to the real-life engine (unlike BeamNG.Drive which uses the same engine sounds for almost every engine/vehicle). This is what causes my mod size to be so large since there are different sound files per engine. After checking my files, over 90% of the size is from the sound files.
  2. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 2022.05.15
    El Pinto engine. can you do the modular v10 and/or coyote or boss engine?
      Author's Response
      Yes. I am planning to make all 3 of those engine families, but haven't gotten to them because of other requested engines. I'll make sure to move those up in priority.
  3. TMccanna
    Version: 2022.04.08
    Really nice mod but some of the engines smoke a lot (for instance the flathead engine practically rolls coal) plus some of the engines are super loud. besides that its a nice mod, one cool thing would be an NA option for some of the diesels because who needs speed when you have infinite torque?
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. I have also noticed that the engines produce a lot of smoke and are really loud (especially the GT90 V12 engine). I'm thinking it's related to what engine exhaust settings I do in Automation. Automation has options for catalytic converters and different levels of airflow for engine headers, intakes, exhaust pipes, etc. I try to choose settings that are accurate to the real-life engines, but I think that when exporting these to BeamNG.Drive, their effects are more extreme. When testing the engines in Automation, they sound a lot better and more realistic, so there must be a difference in how does its sounds. Those issues are something I have been looking into.

      As for the diesel engines, I currently can't make them since Automation doesn't support them right now. If/When Automation supports it, I plan to add Ford's diesel engines. Would there be a certain engine family you want?
  4. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 2022.04.08
    Can you add the Vulcan v6 from the ford Windstar for the memes?
      Author's Response
      Sure! I'll add it to the list.
  5. JonasPLAY
    Version: 2022.04.08
    On wich cars can you use the engine
      Author's Response
      It depends on the engine because I only added each Ford engine to the BeamNG.Drive vehicle(s) that most closely match the Ford vehicles in the corresponding engine was used in. If you click on the link under "Content of the Mod", it will bring you to an Excel document that includes a list of the BeamNG.Drive vehicles each engine was added to.
    Version: 2022.03.16
    Very nice mod.
    But i'm very disappointed because there isn't the ecoboost 1.0 3 cylinder turbocharged engine who is using by the ford fiesta and the focus. lol
      Author's Response
      Don't worry. I'll add that engine.
  7. HJBold
    Version: 2022.03.16
    Wow! Great! How do you import engines from Automation into BeamNG? Always wanted to do it?
      Author's Response
      It's not possible to export just the engine from Automation. I have to create an entire vehicle in Automation in order to export it (which is inefficient when I only want the engine). All I use from the Automation export is the code from the camso_engine.jbeam file, so I wish Automation had an option to just export engines.
  8. thegaming11
    Version: 2022.03.16
    nice! Can you add the 1.0 and 1.6 CHT and the Cologne V6 Engines? The CHT was a brazilian engine, it was in the Ford Escort
      Author's Response
      Sure. I think the 1.0 and 1.6 CHT engines have been requested already. I'll make sure to add the Cologne V6 to the list.
    Version: 2022.03.11
    CHT 1.0 1.6 equiped in the Ford Escort 1986 at 1994 more one Brazilian Engine to thi is mod
      Author's Response
      Okay, will do.
  10. limapalon
    Version: 2022.03.11
    Three stars for accuracy and and variety, the other two stars missing are for mesh recycling. I don't blame you for it though, modelling is hard yo.

    Also, any plans for the Aussie Ford engines such as the Barra or the Miami Coyote?

    Also the 1.6 Zetec Rocam is not European, it's actually Brazilian. I had a 2001 Fiesta with that thing and compared to the European Sigma engine fitted on the same Fiestas the Rocam runs rougher to increase the torque to the front wheels.
      Author's Response
      Thanks for a detailed review. I'll plan to add the Barra, however, I won't be able to add the Miami Coyote until Automation has an update to support superchargers, but I'll make sure to add it once they do. Sorry for the incorrect information on the Zetec Rocam, I'll make sure to fix that.
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