Alpha Ford Engines 2022.05.22

Contains Ford engines made using Automation

  1. 2022.05.22

    • New Engine: Boss 6.2L V8 (requested by PowerstrokeHD)
      • From:
        • 2010 Ford Raptor
        • 2011 Ford FR Raptor XT
        • 2017 Ford F-350
        • When Automation supports superchargers, I will plan to make the supercharged Boss 6.2L V8s from the 2010 Shelby Raptor and 2012 Shelby Baja 700
      • Added to:
        • BeamNG.Drive's Gavril D-series
        • BeamNG.Drive's Gavril H-series
        • Zagdima's 2015 Ford F-150 Raptor mod...
  2. 2022.05.21

    • New Engine: Triton 6.8L V10 (requested by PowerstrokeHD)
      • From:
        • 1997 Ford E-450 (2-valve)
        • 2005 Ford F-550 (3-valve)
      • Added to:
        • BeamNG.Drive's Gavril D-Series
        • BeamNG.Drive's Gavril H-Series
        • BeamNG.Drive's Gavril T-Series
        • BeamNG.Drive's Wentward DT40L
  3. 2022.05.16

    • Added 4.6L 3-valve V8 to Gavril Barstow (requested by Cobra_427)
  4. 2022.05.15

    • I see that people are still downloading my mod from this website, which is fine, but those people aren't getting the newest version of my mod. Because of the max upload size, I can't upload my current versions (this website holds the last version that was under that max upload size, which was 2022.04.08). In order to download my newest versions, people need to download via the information I provided on the main page and/or the red message in my last update notes.
    • New Engines:...
  5. 2022.05.01 - Please Read Message

    **Please read if subscribed for automatic updates.**
    I have recently discovered that there is a max upload size for posting mods in BeamNG.Drive's mod repository. With this update, my mod now passes that max upload size and I can't post new resource updates through this website. Because of this people subscribed to this mod will no longer get automatic updates or be able...
  6. 2022.04.08

    Sorry for the long wait between the last update. I was originally hoping to complete all the requested engines before posting the next update, but realistically it's taking a lot longer than expected. I figured I have kept everyone waiting this long so I'm going to post what I have completed so far. From now on, I will try to post an update after I complete each engine. This is in hopes to have frequent small updates, instead of waiting long periods of time between big updates.

    That being...
  7. 2022.03.16

    • This is a small update that adds tuneable transmissions so they can be used for the pre-set configurations. I originally was just using the race 6-speed manual transmission to edit the gear ratios, which obviously isn't correct if the real vehicle had 3-speeds or was an automatic. After this update, all pre-set configurations should have the accurate transmission type along with the gear ratios. Below is a list of the tuneable transmission I added. Please note, I didn't create a...
  8. Update 2022.03.11

    • 2022.03.11:
      • Due to an Automation update/change in their BeamNG.Drive exporter, I had to re-export all my current engines. While it was very inconvenient to go through all my engines, this does seem to make the horsepower and torque numbers in BeamNG.Drive closer to what they were in Automation. Now all the engines should be accurate to <10 horsepower and torque (with a few exceptions) of the real Ford engine.
      • Reworked various engines to be closer to accurate max...
  9. Update 2022.02.25

    • Added pre-set configurations for all vehicles that have the engine and corresponding features (gear ratios, tire/rim size, etc.) of the real vehicle
    • Reworked Flathead V8 (This was the first engine that I made for this mod which I made before Automation's open alpha turbo update. All other engines I made after that update so they should still be accurate.)
    • Added Flathead V8 to Burnside (requested by PowerstrokeHD)
    • Added both Raptor engines to D-Series
    • Added...
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