Beta Ford Triton V10 for all Gavril vehicles 0.11

torque monster that chews gas

  1. devo343
    This mod adds a V10 engine for the H-Series,D-series,Roamer and grand marshal.

    No model

    its very close to the real ford triton 2nd gen v10 engine in terms of power.
    It is very gas guzzling like the real thing.

    Hope you enjoy.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Jbeam errors

Recent Reviews

  1. IdkWhatToPutHere
    Version: 0.11
    noice is very epic
  2. TopKick
    Version: 0.11
    Doesn't randomly eject spark plugs like in real life, not realistic :P

    Jokes aside this is a really well made engine mod!
  3. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 0.11
    Nice mod. I've always wanted a mod like this because my father has a Ford E-450 Box Truck. If you need/want, I can record sounds for you.
    1. devo343
      Author's Response
      if you can give me about 3-6 second clips of the engine at different rpms sure preferably recorded right up against the engine not interior . So Idle, 1400,2400,3400,4400 should work. Dm me if you want
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